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Top 5 Apps For your Phone

Whether you want an alarm that syncs with your body clock or a to-do list you can speak to, these are the apps you’ll need to make your smartphone smarter.In This articale is all about the top 5 android application which you can install in your phone,for batter use of it.


1)Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather

Dark Sky app
  • It is the Weather Forecasting App.Which is most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing

Main Features

  1. Many Kinds of Notifications : in this app  have several different ways to notify you of important weather conditions
  2. hyper local forecasting :in this uses state-of-the-art technology to predict when it will rain or snow, down to the minute, at your exact location.

  3. Homegrown Weather Service: in this user can Watch weather patterns evolve globally or right down in your neighborhood,


  • The one of the way by which you can Genrate the password and protect your identity and online accounts is to use unique passwords everywhere.

Main Features

  1. It Can Generate unique, secure passwords for all of your accounts with our password generator
  2.  In This you can Save and organize all of your passwords in a password vault only you have access to

  3. Store important information and security codes with Secure Notes


appy geek

  • Appy Geek delivers breaking tech news including mobile, gadgets, wearables, video games, product info, science, art, and tech culture.

Main Features

  1. in this you have Visual: Get the latest breaking headlines from your favorite topics in a highly visual format.
  2.  this app learns as you read, personalizing your news experience automatically.

  3.  In this You can Choose from a wide variety of tech topics for a custom home screen and news experience.


  • Drippler will keep you updated with anything from the newest productivity tools, workout apps and personalized widgets to utilities, camera apps, cool Nougat tricks & tips, and tech news for your Android.

Main Features

  1. Life hacks, Digital Trends, Make Use Of
  2. The Next Web, AppsZoom, Ubergizmo
  3. The Smartphone App Review, Ting
  4. Unlockr, Wonder How To, Let’s talk tech



  • Beebom is the one way of the  way to read all the tech news that matter the most. Discover what’s trending in the technology space across the globe.

Main Features

  1.  The app brings you the latest and trending news that really matter to you.
  2.  This app gives you total control on the news you want to see. You can just go to your profile and choose your interests to stay  updated on particular news topics.
  3. With this app, you have access to Beebom’s YouTube videos and Facebook videos, but that’s not all. The app offers you videos that will be exclusive to app users.
  4. this  is a free tech news app and there are no ads or any in-app purchases
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