Technology is for all of us !!!

Why do you use a Smart phone ?

This is the era of internet. Social media has grown wild and websites and apps are like daily meal for any smartphone holder. Everyone wishes to add their own content into the world wide networks. This can be done in number of ways like have a blog and share your views on any of the topics from your hobby to your thesis of study. You can have a website and market your business across world. Through social media accounts you can share your daily life with friends miles away. You can make chat groups and encounter with the people having same interest as yours.

All of the above are not just the trends but more like a routine for everyone. It fills us with a different kind of satisfactions but what if we can make money out of it or at least make it worth doing such things. What if you blog the things that you know better than anyone else make it a source of income? It is not so difficult now-a-days as we believe. You just google it and there will be list of sites that allows you to write blog and that is for free !!

If you do a little more research in such things like add advertisements in your web page (say blog) and do update the content regularly you can earn a good amount of money. You can upload your videos and share your skills with millions and make profit from that, too.

Are you a Tech Geek?

Those were the talks about people who just loves to spend time with their smart phone. If you are a tech geek, you may like to do more than that like making your own website, mobile applications, customize them as per the need of audience and so on. If you are interested in developing such things you should be aware about the technologies used to develop such things and should read upcoming posts.

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