How to take your content from localhost to live website?

Do you know what does ‘’ actually mean?

If you are a website developer you must have understood it. It is the path to run the websites in the web browsers that are hosted locally. It is the favorite place for a developer to check the working of their website using tools like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. But they can do the same task online if they want to. Let us see how.

To build a website by your own is itself a difficult task. It does not just need skills and knowledge of some programming languages. It is also a task to design and manage the things as well.

Have you ever made any website on localhost?

If you have ever made any site on localhost, It does not take much to take it online. In a live website, the code works the same way as in localhost. All you need is a web space to upload the website and an online database where you can import your localhost database and then a few changes regarding database.

How to do it?

(1) Export your localhost database :

For the given task find the ‘export’ option in your localhost database. If you are working with XAMPP, you may find it on localhost/phpmyadmin. This will make a copy of your tables along with the data inside and save it with ‘’ extension.

(2) Import tables to online database :

In your online database, choose to import the database file that we exported in the first step.

(3) Upload your code :

Upload all the files of code in the root directory with the same folder structure.

(4) Make Changes Required :

In the code of yours, you have to change the database name, database user and password to their values in online database.

That is it, you are good to go !!

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