How to Enroll in Udemy Courses for Free?

Hello Everyone, So you’ve all heard and seen the Udemy website, right?
Today We’re going to demystify Udemy!

Let’s get Started!

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a  well-known learning & teaching platform where you can search & enroll in various courses available on the site.  It isn’t like Coursera, or Udacity where you’ve to complete the courses time-to-time ( in some cases!). It consists of courses which are self-paced, meaning you can learn at any time. Just pay & get it. Even the courses you enroll are available to you even after it’s completion. It’s available to you for a Lifetime period.

But, who cares about all this? (you’ll know what I mean if you’re a pro)

Now, I’m going to unbox the few successive steps to avail the courses 100% free for lifetime.

Steps to get free courses!

Steps (General Steps) :

  1. First of all, you’ll need an account to get yourself a course. Click here to create your account in udemy
  2. After that, google “udemy courses coupons”. You’ll find sites where you’ll get 100% free coupons. (if you’ve great googling skills, I guess!)
  3. If you’re lazy enough to search on google, goto onlinecourses.ooo and real.discount
  4. That’s it! Enter any site you desire & in there click on “Enroll” Button or “Get Coupon” Button. You’ll be redirected to the specific course of udemy site (in which the coupon will already be applied) and you’ll be able to see “Free Course”.

Tutorial (on how to avail free course):

  1. I’m sure by now, you’ve created your account on udemy.
  2. After that, goto onlinecourses.ooo . Just scroll down the site, and check the coupon which has 100% success rate of being free. And now click on the name of that course.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              How to avail free courses on udemy
  3.  Scroll down enough where you can see the button with text “Click to Redeem”                                                                                                                                         
  4. You’ll be redirected to new tab where the “udemy course (you clicked) with coupon applied” will be opened.                                                                       
  5. That’s it, guys. That’s how you get the free courses of udemy.

One of the advantages of this is you will get certifications for the courses as well without any time constraint.

My Recommended sites which you can visit to get free coupons

Some Other Ways to get free courses

Now as soon as you enroll in the course, you’ll be receiving e-mails from the tutors (of that course) about their new courses (which is a promotion  -_- by the way) and contents. And in there somewhere you’ll find themselves giving you the FREE COUPONS.  So don’t miss that opportunity too!

Some Advice

  • My Personal advice to you. If this is your first time using coupons to activate the udemy course for free, do not get too much surprised and excited! [I REPEAT “DO NOT GET TOO MUCH EXCITED”]. Too much excited to enroll in 100+ courses  & not completing even a single course. That is Worst! I’ve seen people going through this phase! 😀 And I don’t want you to reach that stage.


  • Just Enroll in the course as soon as the course coupon becomes available in the various sites. And first, complete a course and then move on to another one.



Thanks for reading this!

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