How to bypass Cyberoam & Use Utorrent!



I’m not any kind of hacker. The method which you’re going to read below is a simple hack which I found on
Youtube and Google.
It’s a Combination of Try & Error 😀
I’m sure, you can find it too (with some efforts! :D)
This will also help you download torrents in hostels and colleges where you’ve Cyberoam installed! 😉

So let’s get started!

For sake of simplicity, we’re going to use Utorrent of version 3. You can download it from here!

After installing  Utorrent 3.0. Open it and press ctrl+P.  Access the settings as mentioned below and edit the values.


Menu Options
Connections Port used for incoming connection: 45682
  • Global Upload Rate Limiting
    • Maximum Upload Rate: Keep it at least 5 kB/s
  • Number of Connections
    • Global Maximum Number of Connections: 8000
    • Maximum Number of Peers Connected Per Torrent: 2900
    • Number of upload slots per torrent: 14
      • Checkmark the box below!
  • Basic BitTorrent Features
    • Enable everything except “Limit local peer bandwidth”
  • Protocol Encryption
    • Outgoing: Enabled
    • Check the Allow incoming legacy connections
  • Queue Settings (This is my Preference!)
    • Maximum Number of active torrents (upload or download): 2
    • Maximum Number of active downloads: 1
  • Seeding Goal
    • Minimum Ratio (%) : 100.
  • When Utorrent reaches the Seeding Goal
    • First, check the checkbox.
    • Limit the Upload Rate to 20

The above-written values were just for “making your life easier”

The real deal is written below! 😀

Expand the “Advanced” Tab in Preferences Now, Carefully Change the values as per described below. Don’t try to be Heroic!
bt.allow_same_ip true
bt.enable_tracker true
bt.no_connect_to_services false
bt.send_have_to_seed false
dht.rate 2
gui.delete_to_trash false
gui.show_notorrents_node false
ipfilter.enable false
net.calc_rss_overhead false
net.outgoing_port 50
peer.disconnect_inactive_interval 900
queue.dont_count_slow_dl false
queue.dont_count_slow_ul false
rss.update_interval 20


If the method isn’t working, reach out to me via my mail hvsharma63@gmail.com
This answered was originally written by me in one of the Quora Questions! Check out here -> Quora Answer
For more insights in my Quora profile 😉 here’s the link -> HV’s Quora Profile


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