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If you are one of those who wants to publish their own website or mobile application you need to know some of the basic things. If you are a  beginner, it is not likely that you will invest money in stuffs like websites, blogs,etc. until you are getting profit out of it.

In such situations, you might need options where you can get free domain names and free hosting.

what actually a domain name or a hosting is?

Whenever you request any content from any website, servers of that website will provide you the content and they continue doing this 24*7. That is what a server does, it runs all the time so at any point of time (not considering some exceptional cases) your website is not down. So, hosting is nothing but a place (server) where you can upload your content and from where others can fetch your site.

But in the world wide web, your website should be recognized uniquely. For that purpose you need a domain name using which the users can visit your site (i.e.,

Free Domain and Hosting

Now comes the good news, There are platforms where you can get both of them for free. There are websites like Freenom where you can register domain names for free. Now to park your domain you need to have a hosting which is freely available at 000webhost . You just need to sign up for free at both the places. In your freenom account change the name servers of your domain with and, then go to 000webhost account and in the 000webhost account park your domain under the use domain section.

You are all set now. But if you search out your domain name in the web browser it will show you nothing. To confirm that your domain is successfully parked you can open your freenom account and under ‘WHOIS’ you can get the name of the registrant of the domain and you can also confirm at Ultratools .

After the confirmation, you can add a template to your site and add the content from your freenom account using the GoSite under ‘my domains’ section.

If you are happy to invest money to get your favorite domain name or hosting for additional facilities you can always go for paid domains and hostings. Either way, you will need to have these basic things to go further.

Want to manage your website and make it look attractive ?

There are tools like WordPress which can help you manage the content of your site, we will discuss that part in further posts.

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