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Create an Admin Panel without Coding it

So you wanna create an admin panel with no coding, right?

Just follow along with me.

What you’ll need to make this dream come true?

  • This software PHP Generator installed.
    • How? This ain’t a Free version, man. This is PRO Version.
      • Ans: A little Google Searching might help for getting what you want for FREE!
  • Some Basic Understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS, & Mysql!
    • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have, Google is there. 😀
  • Some Patience. required!
  • Xampp Server installed.
  • I am assuming that you’ll have one MySQL database with some tables & records in it.
    • What If it isn’t ready? make sure you have it! It is necessary for this tutorial!

So Let’s get Started!

    1. Start the Apache & MySQL in Xampp Server!
    2. Open the PHP Generator Software.

        1. Set the hostname, username, password, database_name according to the database that you have created, then click on next button.
        2. After that, click on add table or view

        1. Mark all the table that you see.
        2. Click on Ok.
        3. Now you are back to the parent window click on next.

  1. Again click on next.
  2. Now basically in this window, you are asked to select the theme. Just, for now,  Select the default theme and then click on next.
  3. Follow according to the marks that been marked in the following image.
    1. Click on customize of Header & Footer, write down the header and footer as per your need.
    2. Click the Security Option’s customize
      1. Check the enable security option
      2. Choose the ‘table based authentication’ from drop-down in Authentication Type. [We’re doing this so that we can add login functionality to the Panel]
      3. Now select the table name which contains username & password fields as per the your database.[make sure you have a table  which contains user ID, username and password in your database]
      4. In mandatory fields, select user ID, username and password.
    3. After that, click on manage permissions.
      1. In here you will be able to see all the user names that you have created in the database.
      2. Now select the admin one and check mark all the permissions such as Insert, Update, Delete or as per your need. But If you don’t check ‘Insert’. We will not be able to add ‘add user’ kind of functionality in the panel.
    1. Back to the parent window click on OK.
  4. Now in PHP Data Access Implementation
    1. Select the appropriate type of PHP version you want to use in the admin panel that we are going to create.
  5. After that in the output, directory select the location where xampp/htdocs is installed.
    1. now just click on ready and wait. 🙂
  • Hooh, That was way too lengthy. But it is worthy of your time.
  • This is what it looks like when we open it in browser with xampp server turned on.
This was just an Overview of how to use this software or How you can create your own admin panel in few minutes. You can do a lot more things via this software. Don’t fail to explore other areas of this software.
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