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Android Studio Download Links

Hello Guys,

Here we’re posting the download links of Android Studio. Kindly download it and install. If you find any doubts or face any problem installing the Android Studio. Do Comment below the post!




Windows (64 bit) Portable Version Server 855 MB
Windows (64 bit) .EXE File Server 758 MB
Windows (32 bit) Portable Version Server 854 MB
Linux Server 853 MB
Mac Server 849 MB



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There’s no major difference.

In .EXE Version, you have to install the software; whereas the portable version will let you use the android studio as soon as you unzip the file, i.e. without installing the android studio.
In portable version, you have a benefit of using the android studio anytime, anywhere – plug & play simple. The only problem with portable version is: you’ve to carry your own preferences, choices & settings you made while using it.
.EXE Software Version installation is no big deal. This installation is just like any other software installation.
I’d recommend you to use the .exe version. Of Course! there’s no other choice for 32 Bit Laptops rather than to use the Zip versions.

Why doesn’t the android studio official site provide the .EXE version to windows 32 bit?
Maybe because of the more end-users or say developers are using 64-Bit based Laptop/PCs, nowadays. 🙂

And sorry for the later reply, btw 🙂

Oh! I’ve answered this question. Check it out in the previous comments!

If you find any other issues, do comment 🙂
Happy 2 Help 🙂

I cant install Android studio,it shows me error” Cannot download
Read timed out
, response: 200 OK”
i think it cannot download file of android from server.

Things which may have caused this issue:
Not-so-good internet connection.
Low-space in the C: Drive or the installation directory.

Make sure the above conditions are not causing the error.
Then right-click the setup file & run it as admin.
And then continue the installation.

If the problem still exits:
– just take a screenshot and share it here!
– Mention the version you downloaded.

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